Hello, fellow readers! Okay, that sounded way better in my head, with a British accent. Let me try again, THANKS FOR COMING! My name is Olga Echegaray and I have no idea why you would put yourself through this, but hey, masochism is a thing, just ask Anastasia & Christian Grey.

So a little about what this whole blog is about; it’s about me being over the fact that I can only use 120 characters on Twitter, it’s about my life, adventures, rants, and tantrums (since my mother told me she doesn’t want to be a part of them anymore, jokes on her, she just became a rant. Thanks, mommy.), but it’s mostly about me being open and honest to whoever is interested in reading.

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I try to be funny, but I have gotten into numerous fights because my wittiness (or anyone’s for that matter) can’t be transcended through the written word so I will apologize now. Also, I want to point out that my goal in life is to be adopted by Angelina Jolie, but I have been waiting for 22 years and my mother seems to think that my window is about to close. SO I will opt for my second goal which is to be the next Olga Echegaray, she’s like Shonda Rhymes, but 22, writing this blog and hoping to get a Production Assistant job ASAP.

If you have any doubts about my persona and how to place me in the world spectrum, imagine me being the love child of The Evil Queen (the brunette ones– sorry Charlize), Khloe Kardashian (when she was fat and normal), and every single Victoria Secret Angel (for looks ya know?). Okay, that last one was a joke, just wanted to make sure you’re with me.

Through this blog I will discuss life events, like Tinder Dates, TV Show rants (I’m coming for you Shonda), my mom, my friends, my imaginary boyfriend, my real life boyfriend (just give me a second to find one), foods and alcohol, triumphs and downfalls, and my inability to cry more than once a year (unless you put on Finding Dory).

So sit back, relax, and try not to hit the ‘X’, I promise this will get better or deleted, because I will make my friends read this, and they are WAY to honest for my own good.

-Queen O (I have a self-inflated ego)

P.S. I make up words, but they usually make sense… I think.

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