Kardashians vs Trump


HELLO mom’s friends, thanks for coming back, to the others that are here and don’t know my mom, you’re in for a hell of a ride with this specific post.

On this very sad day, January 20th 2017, otherwise known as the day I would have to stop fighting back when people say that the USA is not the greatest country in the world (How are my English and Canadians doing? LONG LIVE THE QUEEN) I have decided to post a fun (but not lighthearted) post about two of Americas most notorious families. (I really want to say hated families, but I don’t want to insult the Kardashians too much) Now before I dump Trump this is a WARNING… you are now entering a YOUNG PERSON’S VIEWS ON AMERICA… so naturally, I will be comparing the Kardashians and Trump.

Now before we get to the juicy Trump insults, I’m letting you know I shall be addressing my favorite Kardashians, The Jenners (Kylie & Kendall) as Kardashians too, and I will fight whoever tells me they aren’t Kardashians.

Is it safe to say that we (by “we” I mean Trump supporters) just hired someone worse than the Kardashians to lead the Free World? or maybe that a Kardashian (or a dog for that matter) would be just as qualified as the NOW president of the United States of America. Where’s Arnold (The Terminator) when you need him? YOU SAID YOU WOULD BE BACK! I’ll take him over all these bozos any day. And don’t even get me started on Pence, you sir ARE NO JOE.

I’ll just sit here patiently waiting for all those sexual harassment claims, sexy texts you send to interns, and naked pictures to come up.

TRUMP Your first job was to get performers for you inauguration ceremony, and you couldn’t even do that. At least The Kardashians have Kanye (he probably thinks he made you famous too by the way). For all of you that don’t know, Trump’s inauguration will feature Jackie Evancho, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (some of the members threatened to quit when this was announced), and the Missouri State University Chorale (who confirmed in October, when we all thought Hillary was going to win), but let’s please not forget The Rockets (it’s a voluntary event for them, some might show up, others will decline kicking and smiling). Basically, the only person that is “willingly” performing is a 16-year-old that still has to do what her parents say.

Now if you live on planet Earth in a first (maybe second) world country, something you might know is that President Trump (my fingers went numb writing that, so I will not address him as such anymore) has a twitter account, and it is horrible. You might also know that the Kardashians all have twitter accounts too. I will now show you the similarities that the Kardashians and Trump hold via their Twitter  accounts:

  • The Kardashians have gotten up to (last time I checked) $25,000 dollars (per tweet) in advertising a product on any of their social media platforms. Trump has gotten the highest ranking chair in the United States because of it. Well, not really because of it, but I’m pretty sure it help. So both parties have really benefited from Twitter.
  • The most liked/retweeted tweets in both parties have been those stating conflict, drama, fights, personal vendetta against others

Fun Fact: The Kardashians have overall 60Million followers (assuming that many followers overlap between sisters) Trump has 20M. Kim Kardashian alone has 50M, and that is after a 1-3M drop after her social media hiatus.

  • Now the most interesting thing is that you might assume neither party thinks about what they tweet, but that’s actually not true for the Kardashian party. They do send out that occasional tweet when insulted by Amber Rose, but 90% of their Twitter is handled by social media specialist. Now, what’s the similarity in that between Trump and the Kardashians? We all agree Trump should get a social media specialist, or five, and render his account to them.
  • The Kardashians & Trumps Empire: Do you know that Kylie (the youngest of the Kardashian Clan) was named one of the most influential people in beauty trends in 2016? And has her own beauty company with items that are sold out in a matter of minutes once they are up. That Kendall is the person with the most likes in one Instagram picture, and one of the most high ranked models in the world, coming it at number two or three, that Kim was on the cover of Forbes as one of the highest earning Mobile Mogul coming in with $45M for just one game on the App Store (not even a game console game like Grand Theft Auto or Halo) or that Khloe has gone through an entire body makeover doing it the old fashion way (exercising & eating healthy), documenting it day by day, and now has a show on E! called Revenge Body, making her a spokesperson on health and anti-bullying. All of this was do not by their show (that’s how they received the fame) but through Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram they have achieved to keep their public updated and entertained in a positive way day after day. People can throw shade at the family because God knows how problematic they can be, but at the end of the day look how much each one has accomplished with a positive attitude and without bringing their rivals down. Now Trump… he even hates on people that don’t drink Diet Coke (Please view tweet). Now the Trump Empire I’m referring to is not his hotels or apartments or company, I will give him that. He worked hard for that company, and no one can say otherwise. BUT his new acquired Empire…or like we call it…the United States belongs to him now AND THAT has social media written all over it. I’ll be the first to admit I laughed at all of the controversial tweets and retweeted the one where he called Michelle Obama’s speech the best one he has heard, and then his wife gave the same speech four years later. But the fact that the US praises a man that screams controversy, that accuses other of false stories like Obama being from Kenya (yeah, we still remember that) BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN! and a man that was supported by the KKK and probably has ISIS doing backflips with glee that he won the presidency. A man that needs to say negative things in 140 characters or less about people that should be irrelevant to him (Meryl Streep, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart)  yet chooses to still comment! That doesn’t show integrity it shows immaturity. Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.01.25 AM.png
  • It’s funny how both parties became famous through reality television, and one is attacked (A LOT MORE than the other) for every single thing they do, yet they just ignore it and usually never comment on it unless it affects them on a much bigger scale, like when people were saying Kim’s Paris Robbery was a set up. Yet they are one of the most hated families in the US. Then we have Trump… your president. Just think about that for a moment, really let it sink it.  He would be one of the haters that the Kardashians ignore. You voted for this….Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.47.48 AM.png


Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 8.57.43 AM.png

Now as I leave you to dwell on everything said, and remind you that this is just one person (hopefully more) opinion, I would also like to say that we live in a democracy, and Trump is just one person, and I hope he proves us all wrong and perseveres. But if he doesn’t we have a voice, we can stand up to him and the government. We have some of the most influential people in the country on our side, and we (together) can make a difference. We just need to believe in one another and always remember, more people voted for Hillary, but do to some screwed up, ancient, system called the Electoral Vote, she is not where she needs to be. But she, like most of us, knew what needed to be done so I will leave you with one of her most famous tweets. Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 9.55.43 AM.png

On that final note, Kim Kardashian might be able to help Trump in two things that might benefit him the next four years… help him pick candidates for his social media team, and how to keep his orange skin in Europe.Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 8.49.35 AM.png

Mind you, it never rains in Los Angeles, but today, on this very sad day, it hasn’t stopped raining since 1 AM.

Here’s a little video to entertain you if the inauguration makes you cry or bores you to death. CLICK HERE!

Try to have a great day! I’ll be packing for Canada now.



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