Revival? Should Have Left It Dead


Hello, you still here? Great! So by now many of you have seen or heard of Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life, and you might have read a lot of negative things about it, so what’s one more blog? If you haven’t seen it or heard of it, count your lucky starts, or tell me the name of the god you’ve been praying to.

Now if you are anything like me, you went full throttle the day Netflix premiered the four 1 1/2 hour episodes of our beloved Gilmore Girls revival. You got wine, popcorn, candy, cheese, chips, dips, skirt stakes, mash potato and candied yams leftover from Thanksgiving, and just binged ate while you binged watched (just like Lorelai and Rory love to do). And by the time the first episode “Winter” was over you were left confused, uneasy, and winded, and not sure who was there, just like a one night stand.

You see, for Gilmore Girls fans, we have come to love the three women than redefined mother-daughter relationships. This was a show that told mothers it was okay, and somewhat acceptable, to treat your kid as a friend sometimes, and it showed you the effects of what happens when you shelter your kid way too much. We have come to love Emily, Lorelai, and Rory because they didn’t follow trends, actually they made fun of them, and although making life decision by themselves, they ALWAY consulted each other to make sure everything was okay, excluding sexual encounters of course. By the time season six ended, creator  Amy Sherman-Palladino left the show and season 7 was left up for grabs. Now a lot of people weren’t fans of season 7 because of this reason, I didn’t mind it, as it was the final season and not a lot seemed to change on how the show ran and the dynamic between characters. But for the revival Sherman-Palladino took back the reigns and manage to bring back one or two things she wanted to include in that final 7th season. This included Luke and Lorelai getting married, and the famous “LAST FOUR WORDS” that we have been wondering about for 10 years! Safe to say, I would have preferred to never have know the last four words, and if you want to catch a glimpse at L&L wedding, may I suggest putting on Alice in Wonderland?

A little about Rory, we loved her! She was the mom, actually she was the kid, but she was more mature than the mom, Lorelai. She had goals, values, determination, and apparently it just takes 10 years to take away everything you were for 22 years. In 10 years the girl that my mother wanted me to admire and aspire to be like turn into a cheater, a complainer, a presumptuous wise ass, and entitled. YOU ARE 32, THE WORLD DOENST OWE YOU SHIT! (sorry, I get frustrated). But the thing is, we usually had Lorelai to tell Rory straight, like the first time she cheated when she lost her virginity. But apparently it took 10 years for Lorelai to stop voicing her opinions and to stop fixing things, with her relationship, her friendships (I’m still bitter that Melissa McCarthy was in one episode for two minutes) and her daughter! The only thing right with this show was Emily, GOD BLESS Kelly Bishop and her ability to act. No, that’s wrong to say Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are great, I have nothing against them or the cast, but I was so put off by this revival. After two episodes, Winter and Spring, just like Summer things became VERY clear. Lorelai and Rory lost their chemistry, they lost what made them mother & daughter, they lost what made them Gilmore Girls. All of a sudden we saw Yoga Tap Dancing, the use of three phones for one person, and messy hair buns, nothing which seemed to fit the original show we where looking forward to watching. The girls that were once trendsetters or made fun of trends all of a sudden stared following them like teenagers or the mom from Mean Girls. All of these things are sad to admit, specially when you’ve been looking forward to this for a year. 

The revival had many more flaws, including a musical number, but just like it, I will not bore you with details.

So after 10 year, a few weeks, 4 episodes and a very disappointed fan base, we finally got those 4 peachy little words.

Rory: Mom (1)

Lorelai: Yeah (2)

Rory: I’m (3) Pregnant (4)


Fanbase: dead.

And to add to that, we were told, very clearly, that this was a quick revival meant for the fans, that no second season or anything will come from it. It was meant to be like dessert after a salty meal. But with this dessert it seems like we ordered a sour patch kids, without the sweet part. BRING THE DESSERT WINE PLEASE!

I can’t help but to think, was Sherman-Palladino bitter that she shows 7th season wasn’t half bad without her? It kind of felt like a big “Fuck You” to everyone that holds this show dear to their hearts.

Now I want to put in a positive note, the cameos were great! Mae WhitmanRachael RayJason Ritter you guys made me laugh so hard! And the Life and Death Brigade scene made me smile, that Collin is one hot English man. 

Now for MY final words, and to those of you who watch The Walking Dead or Game Of Thrones, you know how the walkers/ white walkers should have stayed dead? When will we learn not to revive the dead?

This revival, was not like Jon Snow or Jesus, this revival was like a zombie. Better left dead.


-Queen O

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