My First Blog Post


It’s a stupid title for my first blog, but I feel like it’s a right of passage. I wanted to name this blog “You Suckers Stayed?” but I’ll save that for a rainy day. All I did to this title was add the “My” because narcissism is one of my seven deadly sins. I decided to group Gluttony & Greed together because, to be perfectly honest, both of them mean “wanting a lot of something”, so why the fuck not? AM I RIGHT? Okay, you caught me, I had to google the seven deadly sins because I forgot about Greed, BUT IT IS THE SAME THING! Who decides these things? I want to write a very strong worded e-mail.

As you can see, I make the rules up as I go, because I’m not a cat, and I can’t afford health insurance, so I have to live this life the way I want to, minding that my father doesn’t text me and tell me to stop or to “take down that Facebook post” like he did yesterday.

Wow. Ranting without even meaning to, this is a new high for me.

Okay, I’ll leave you guys and gals to it and make this first post, unlike me, short & sweet.


– Queen O (you’ll get used to that self-inflated ego)

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